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About this walkthrough

  • As with the original missions some enemy locations will vary depending on your actions and time taken to reach certain points, they're meant only as a rough guide.
  • Unlike HaD2 there are no Easter Eggs in Sabre Squadron, and no new cheat codes for the additional weapons.
  • If not mentioned otherwise, all walkthroughs are written by Fugue.[1]

Campaign 1 - Operation Ammobox[]

Mission 1: Deadfish[]

This mission is best tackled with silenced weapons, making too much noise just brings more enemies. Keep your squad together & always aim for one-shot kills, if the enemy starts shooting they'll respond in numbers.

When the mission starts have the squad follow heading South West to the first guard post, stop just short of it and sneak forward. Move around the front and shoot the guard inside through the window. The door opposite is locked so you'll need to find a key.

To the right is a door, pick the lock & open it from one side, lean out to check the other side is clear, if an enemy is visible take him out, if no one is in sight check both directions for a walking guard. Move left from the door and through first door on the right into a barracks, inside through the door on the left are two enemies.

Move a man down either side of the barrack blocks taking out enemies as you go, be careful to stop and check between buildings. Make your way to the far left corner of the barracks area to another door next to a pylon. Open it and lean from the doorway, shoot the two enemies through the window of the guard post, one has the key.

Make your way back to the first guard post and unlock the door to access the base. From the door crawl forward and quickly take out both enemies next to the Flak in front, wait for two walking guards behind them. Cut the fence on the left and sneak between the wall and building. At the corner look right and shoot the guard.

Sneak to the end of the building, open the door and take out the enemy inside (ammo box in room). Pick the lock of the gates outside, go through and shoot both guards ahead, move the whole squad along the main road between the buildings. At the far end two enemies are visible to the left, take them out and turn right towards the main gates.

Wait for a guard to walk out of the barracks area in front behind the wire, shoot him then turn left to find the generator room, open the door from the right side, lean in and shoot two enemies inside. Place explosives on the end of both generators. Sneak to the office on the other side, there are two more guards inside and a switch on the wall to open the main gates (see MAP)

Go back out of the office, turn right & open the metal gates, wait for a walking guard then move towards the fuel tanks. Sneak along the wall till you find a door, open it and turn right, climb over the railings. When the guards (out of sight) finish talking take them out as they walk away, look for a man in blue hammering by one of the tanks.

Turn left to find one more enemy at the far end then place explosives on two of the fuel tanks (red markers) and exit through the door, turn right towards the Flak gun. Wait for a walking guard ahead then take out the one by the gun, go past it to a door in the wall.

Open the door from the left side, lean in and wait for a guard visible through the wire on the right, go through and look for another far down on the left. Pick the lock on the gates in front and place the transmitter at the red marker by the barrels. Exit and turn left towards the sub pens.

Past the huts is another flak gun with two enemies, shoot the one walking then duck in behind the huts, lean out and shoot the other as he comes looking. Go past the Flak gun, stop at the corner, lean out and shoot a walking guard to the left. Cross over the road to the sub pens, shoot the man in blue by the truck.

Sneak forward to the left corner of the entrance, lean left and shoot the sitting guard. Cross to the office in front, sneak up the stairs, shoot the guard on right first then the other as he goes for the door, head back down (ammo crate by wall) and go into the first sub pen. Look right for a walking guard then head up the steps on the right.

At the top lean out and shoot two enemies (one in blue) past the truck in the next pen, go back down, into pen 2 and sneak up the stairs to the office on the right, near the top shoot the guard through the window, go back down, there's one enemy on the sub, and another patrolling down the far side.

Board the sub checking the gaps on right to pen 3 as you go & take out any visible enemies on the way (one in blue and one walking on far side), then place explosives at each end of the sub. Head back along the wall and go into pen 3. Keep to the wall beneath the office and shoot an enemy that walks out by the barrels in front. Back up slowly and take out a guard above.

Sneak forward & turn left, there's a box of dynamite in front and a guard to the left, he has a key to open a door ahead, go into the last sub pen (4). There are two enemies on the sub, one patrolling the far wall and another up the stairs in the office on the left. When all clear place 2 explosives on the sub then go back out the way you came.

You can use the key to the open the locked door at the back of pen 3 and head back through the base but there's a chance you'll encounter more enemies, re-tracing your route in and going out the main gates opened earlier avoids any contact, head towards the red marker on the map to complete the mission.

Campaign 2: Operation Heat[]

Mission 1: Mouse In The House (Libya 1)[]

Primary Objectives:

  1. "Free the prisoners."
  2. "Escort the prisoners safely to the LRDG unit."
  3. Optional: "Damage the German supply vehicles."
  4. Optional: "Retreat from the town by the time the sentries change."
  5. Optional: "Ensure that the prisoners retreat safely to the town center"
  6. Optional: "Destroy the enemy radio station."
  7. Optional: "All the members of the unit must survive."

There are several routes to the prison, you'll either have to fight your way in or out at the city walls, I prefer to clear the right side of the map first to make the prisoner evac easier, if you exit on the left side you'll encounter a tank. The 4th optional objective is a time limit but is fairly generous, so just move quickly to the prison.

Take whole squad right and head towards the wall, stop two men (1 sniper) short (not too close as guards above throw grenades) so they have a clear view of the wall . As you approach the wall stop at the corner of the last building and look left for a guard (use Delisle), turn right and shoot another through the arch in the wall. Go through, leave one man facing left just past the arch and head forwards, check the top of the wall behind you.

Turn left then lean at the next right corner, shoot the enemy at the far end lob a timed grenade down that alley, back up and hide behind the wooden box. The two outside will be picking off enemies on the wall, more will rush you from the alley ahead, use the box as cover till no more enemies appear. Check the wall then move the squad to the area beneath the radio station & destroy the two parked trucks. There's a box with dynamite to the right under the arches.

Turn left up the steps, the radio room is in front (see MAP), using a Delisle sneak up to the door and shoot the officer inside, place explosives and turn right then go up the steps onto the rooftops. Cross the gap, look down for a guard below, slowly move forward and wait for an enemy on the level below, he sometimes climbs the ladder in front. Wait at the top in case another guard comes up the steps below, if he appears shoot him as he walks up.

Down the ladder & go through the door in front, move the whole squad across the rooftops to the prison. When you reach the furthest point with steps leading down to ground level climb onto the raised area to the right, lean out and look down for a patrolling guard, shoot him then move down to the corner of the prison.

At the corner lean out and shoot two guards at the prison gate, if using non silenced weapons wait for three more to run out ahead. Move up to the main doors, open from one side, there are three guards, one right at the back leaning against a wall and two patrolling, when it's clear move the squad into the prison yard.

Lay the anti-personnel mines outside the prison doors and shut them, leave a sniper on the left corner, another man covering the large doors at the far right corner and one more at the back looking towards the main gate. The prisoners are in cells in the lower level (through two doors in left corner), take a man down, shoot the guard and officer then open the first two doors, this triggers enemies to assault the prison. A guard spawns on the upper level beneath the tower, take him out with the sniper.

The mines at the main gate should take out most of the enemies, some may come through the doors at the right corner, keep covering the main doors. When it's quiet open the main gates from the right side, lean out and shoot an enemy in a window opposite (check & disarm any unexploded mines before going out).

Get the prisoners and squad to follow and head back out on the road (turning left) beneath the rooftop way you came in. There are guards on some rooftops, one before you turn right towards the market and another high on the left at the market square.

The rest of the route should be clear, go back through the arch in the town wall and escort the prisoners to the LRDG jeeps to end the mission.

Mission 2: Snakebite (Libya 2)[]

Primary Objectives:

  1. "Make your way to the other end of the canyon."
  2. "Assemble at the planned location with a vehicle."
  3. Optional: "Cause as much damge as possible to enemy vehicles."
  4. Optional: "All the members of the unit must survive."

To complete the optional objective just destroy anything with tracks and wheels on your way to the other end, keep the jeep with you at all times.

Sneak a man forward and grenade the three enemies by the tank, jump in it and aim the turret up the canyon. Move a sniper along the left side to the second large boulder and wait for a patrol to appear at the far end. A tank will appear from the right, use the disabled tanks main weapon to take it out.

Drive to the patrols bodies, pick up ammo and grenades, grab a Panzerfaust and drive back to the tank to destroy it. Head back to the bodies and move the sniper to the next large boulder, snipe the ridge on the left first (three enemies) then two below and another to their right.

Drive the jeep up to the MG42 nests on the ridge, there’s a Scoped K98 available here so ditch the Springfield, another has a Panzerschrek and ammo. Move slowly towards the furthest MG42 nest and snipe the enemies (five) below by the tank, be careful not to draw the tanks fire.

Take the Panzerschrek and another man on the jeeps MG and drive fast along the ridge, the tanks main weapon wont be able to hit you, as you go down the other side shoot/run over the guard by the truck, stop the jeep and clear the MG42 nest ahead. Keep facing it and take out a truck that appears to the left.

The tanks main weapon will be facing the jeep, use one of the men left back on the ridge to force it’s fire back the other way by lobbing a grenade towards it, get behind the tank and take it out, destroy the enemy car. Get the squad to the jeep and destroy the two trucks. Further ahead is another truck with five enemies.

Keep going till you spot more trucks ahead on the left, take the sniper along the ridge to the right and clear the area, one of the Flak trucks weapons is manned. Move the sniper to the camouflaged crates taking out another MG42 nest on the right and park the jeep at his previous firing position leaving a man on the MG.

A patrol will appear from a gap to the South East, when they’re dead move to the right hand MG42 nest and man the weapon, clear the group ahead (the jeep MG will help out) sneak forward and check for enemies among the rocks and to the right. Bring the jeep up, destroy the flak trucks and drive till you see a camp ahead.

Snipe the camp and move left, watch the side of the canyon for two patrolling guards high up on the right, use the jeep to destroy the two trucks (completes the optional objective) then head up the ridge to the right of the barrels that exploded. Snipe the trenches ahead (six enemies) then follow the road between to complete the mission.

Mission 3: Sitting Duck (Libya 3)[]

Primary Objectives:

  1. "Destroy the wreck of the Liberator."
  2. "Destroy the second section of the equipment."
  3. "Assemble at the planned location with a functional vehicle."
  4. Optional: "All the members of the unit must survive."

Move the sniper to the rocks ahead, lean out and snipe the MG42 nest in front, wait for two more enemies to run at you. Move to the nest, from the rocks next to it snipe an enemy in the distance, two more will run at you from the right, get next to the Kubelwagon. Keep and eye out high up behind you for two enemies on the cliffs.

Snipe one enemy (far away) in the dunes ahead, move the squad up then look left for a Flak truck under the cliffs, snipe five guards around it. Leave the team covering and head towards the truck, keep close to the cliff as you approach it to stay out of sight. From cover lob a timed grenade at the truck to destroy it, more enemies will appear from the North. Wait till they reach the truck and use grenades.

Look right to the plane wreck, move forward till the enemies are just in view, snipe two by the wreck and one behind, place explosives in the plane to destroy the first set of parts. Gather grenades and ammo from the bodies then head North East to the town.

Stay low in the dunes above the town, snipe the MG’s on the rooftops first then spread the squad out along the ridge but keep them out of sight, snipe any visible enemies, more will run up the dunes when you start firing (throw grenades). When they’re dead move the others prone so they have a clear view of the town and let them pick off any guards.

Working in pairs (one covers with rifle) take one man with an MG down to the buildings keeping to the walls on the left side, a group of enemies will appear from the first two-story building, lean out from cover and shoot, the man left above should take out several as they come looking from you. Move another man down into the right side of the town.

Carefully clear the buildings around the trucks, most enemies will stay put, there are several on upper levels including a barely visible sniper in a second story window behind the trucks, grenade the open doors as there are a few enemies hiding in the small buildings. When it’s clear move the squad into the town, Re-supply at the ammo crates.

Arm the sniper with an Anti-tank weapon and run back up the dunes towards the plane wreck, stop and go prone so you have a clear view back over the right side of the town covering the track leading to the mission exit point. Hide the others in the buildings and lay explosives at the second set of parts.

When the parts go up reinforcements (1 tank and infantry) appear from the South heading towards the town. Using the sniper in the dunes keep out of sight of the tanks main weapon and snipe the infantry when they stop. Head over the dunes as if making for the exit point, as you come over the last dune look down for two enemies.

Go down the dunes and follow the track back into the town so you’re behind the tank, get directly behind it and take it out. Use the others in the town to grab a truck and head for the extraction point to end the mission.

Campaign 3: Operation Husky[]

Mission 1: Chestnut[]

Primary Objectives:

  1. "Destroy cannon no. 1."
  2. "Destroy cannon no. 2."
  3. "Destroy cannon no. 3."
  4. "Retreat from the area."
  5. Optional: "Destroy the ammunition store."
  6. Optional: "Destroy the fuel supplies."
  7. Optional: "Destroy the Anti-Aircraft defences (Flak 88).
  8. Optional: "Destroy the Pak 40 cannons."
  9. Optional: "All the members of the unit must survive."
  10. Optional: "All the members of the unit must survive."

Load up with dynamite from the crate then head north, snipe the enemy on the ridge ahead, have the rest follow towards the hill. Look right as you cross the road for an enemy, there are more in front by the wire, others will run down the hill. Move through the wire and watch for an MG42 nest on a raised area ahead.

Go up the hill to the Pak 40 and set TNT. Split into two teams, move a pair with rifles left to the cliff, a single guard patrols to the east; follow the base of the cliff to the guards’ body and stop. Move the second pair to the searchlight and kill the group in the dip ahead.

To take out the cannon guards there are two options, fight your way through the main bunker tunnels or use grenades (second option is easier). Take the Sniper and head towards the first cannon, go around the front and stand to the left of the barrel, you can bounce a grenade off the inner wall back into the chamber and kill the guards inside.

Snipe the enemies in the sandbags along the cliff between the cannons, be careful of enemies at the back of the bunkers, when you’ve taken out the three cannons stop at the third and hide the sniper. Move the man who was covering the sniper to the next Flak 88 (set TNT), bring up the other two and clear the searchlight in the distance.

There’s a small bunker to the right with 2 – enemies inside, use one man to clear with other two covering, head to the main bunker at the end of the tracks. To the left is a second small bunker, you can find the Silenced Parabellum inside, next to a radio.

Leave two men covering as enemies will be alerted as you attack the main bunker. If both sets of doors to the bunker are open sneak forward and lob grenades left and right, there are 4 – 5 guards inside, one patrolling to the right in front of the tunnels.

To the left are ammo/weapon crates and a red marker to destroy the ammo dump, set TNT then restock with dynamite. Go right, watch for a guard and follow the tunnel to the first fork and head right again. There’s an enemy to the right next to some barrels and another at the far end on the left.

Climb the ladder to the cannon, both guards should be dead but check as you reach the top, if any are alive move quickly into cover at the top. Set TNT on cannon No.1 then go back to where the tunnels forked and turn right to cannon No.2. At the far end of the tunnel is a single guard, climb the ladder and set TNT, head back to the main entrance.

Last cannon is up the tunnel to the left, there’s one more guard on the left, set the TNT and go out of the open door, go prone (there are tanks ahead), sneak forward and lob a grenade at the Flak 88 ahead, keep prone and set TNT on the gun (completes Flak 88 optional objective) then head back.

Move the others along the top of the cliff, if you have no bazooka take the sniper down and grab a Panzerschrek + a few rounds from the ammo dump then regroup at the third cannon. Move one man east towards the cliff, go prone and crawl till you’re above the bunker overlooking the walled structure, lob a grenade to take out a guard in the first bay.

Crawl down the right side of the bunker, near the bottom lean out and lob a grenade into the fuel store, set TNT inside. Take the sniper +AT along the base of the cliff heading north till you see a trench, snipe the guards (one past it, two by Pak 40) then get into the trench. Keep low, set TNT at the cannon and continue along the trench.

Go prone to stay out of sight of the tanks ahead, when the trench turns left then right lob a grenade to take out two guards ahead. Keep going and take out one more guard by an MG42 at the end of the trench, use the bay by the gun as cover.

Take out the tank on the left first, kneel, and then quickly stand aiming for the rear of the tank, as soon as the round hits go prone or the second tank will hit you. Wait a few seconds then crawl to the second tank, when close enough kneel and take it out, go prone as there is a trench to the right.

Crawl towards the trench, using grenades take out closest two of four more enemies, keep low in the trench and snipe the others past the last Pak 40 cannon, when you reach it look north-east for an enemy beyond the wire. Set TNT to complete the Pak 40 optional objective.

Re-supply as needed at the ammo dump in main bunker then head past the trenches to complete the mission.

Mission 2: Ponte Grande (Sicily 2)[]

Primary Objectives:

  1. "Destroy the bridge."
  2. "Remove explosives from the bridge."
  3. "Secure the bridge."
  4. "Defend the bridge."
  5. Optional: "The bridge must remain undamaged."
  6. Optional: "All the members of the unit must survive."

Grab ammo and weapons next to the first house if needed, take two men (one sniper) past the houses to the left, the other two to the right of the buildings toward the Pak 40, stop them close to the houses.

Using the sniper move past the houses (up steps & over wall) to the left in amongst the broken walls so you can see the far side of the bridge, kill the sniper hiding in the bushes to the left, another behind him by a large boulder, snipe the enemy on the MG42 in a second story window, snipe any more visible enemies at the end of the bridge.

On the right side a small group of enemies run up the hill, use the other two to pick them off as they appear over the top in front of the Pak 40, then move the sniper across the road to the low wall on the right side, there's another sniper hiding in the bushes on the far right side and more enemies in front.

Two more soldiers will be added to your squad when you reach the bridge, and can be moved with voice commands or the tactical map.

Pick up some anti-tank weapons, there are boxes scattered around the allies' side of the bridge, when you reach Andrew Mason (Take2's lead tester) there's a crate with bazookas against the wall behind him. To his right behind a wall is Graeme Struthers (Gathering VP); just in front of him is a box with sticky bombs.

When the far side is clear move one man to the Pak 40 on the left and another (sniper with the AT weapons) down to the bridge pillars and disarm the charges. Keep to the left side making sure to check the valley floor left and right for enemies as you go, at the far end watch out for a guard next to the last charge, leave the sniper in cover.

By now the reinforcements will be appearing to the north, the two tanks must be destroyed before they fire on the bridge to complete the 5th optional objective. Aim for the tank on the right first, then quickly turn to the left, the second tank should still be moving even if the first takes a couple of rounds to destroy it.

The squad on the other side can pick off the infantry, move the sniper up the right side and clear the area around the buildings, move around the back and head past the first tank you destroyed, be careful around the buildings on your left as there are likely to be several enemies.

A second set of reinforcements with a Tiger approach from the west, make sure the squad on the other side are in cover on the left side of the bridge or the tank will fire on them. Using the sniper head back east to the last ruined building and wait for the tank, as it rolls past run out and use a sticky bomb/bazooka, duck back into the ruins.

A group of enemies will run up the valley on the allied side of the bridge, use the squad on the other side to take them out, if the other side is clear they can be picked off using the sniper. A cut scene will kick in showing the allied reinforcements arriving from the south, which will end the mission.

Campaign 4: Operation Houndsmith[]

Mission 1: Double Action (Burgundy 1)[]

Primary Objectives:

  1. "Assemble at the planned location."
  2. "Destroy the ammunition store."
  3. "Contact the Resistance fighters at the previously agreed location."
  4. Optional: "Infiltrate the warehouse area undetected."
  5. Optional: "Place explosive charges in the warehouse area undetected."
  6. Optional: "Destroy the fuel store."
  7. Optional: "All the members of the unit must survive."

The optional objectives in this mission can only be completed by using silenced weapons in the base, if you want them all it's best treated as a Lone Wolf level, always aim for one shot kills.

At the start to the right crouched next to a tree is a friendly soldier (John Ashley) run over and talk to him, he'll join your squad. Move South to the road, there are two enemies on the bank and another behind in the trees, when they're dead move onto the road and look west for a truck, shoot the driver and passenger. Meet the others at the designated point, head back to the road.

Arm one man who has the highest stealth rating with a Delisle, 3x TNT and wirecutters, follow the stream east till it turns right, go prone and continue east to the guard post. Shoot the guard outside to the left of the hut, another can be shot through the window. Sneak up to the door and shoot the guard inside. If a truck is parked at the barrier shoot the driver.

Go east past the wire, turn right and kill the guard in the trees. Stay prone on the right side of the road, shoot the guard in the closest tower and continue heading east through the trees till you see a fallen tree on the other side of the road to your left.

There's a patrol of four guards on the perimeter fence, crawl to the road and shoot the last two, make sure to kill the last in the group first, then the man in front of him, if they see a man fall they'll shoot and raise the alarm. Crawl over to the end of the log; the last two guards in the patrol are to the left.

Shoot both, turn around and kill the guard in the tower close by, cut the wire fence and turn left (completes the 5th optional objective). Stay in sneak mode (slowest speed) from now on.

Crawl down to the left of the bunker, kill the guard in the doorway to the right, keep crawling and shoot the guard below. Go through the door with the red light above it, open the door on the left, lean in and kill the three enemies inside, be careful as one often runs out when the first is shot.

Go back out and down the steps on the left, kill the guard in the small room on the right and go into the warehouse. Through the first door open the door in front, from the left side lean out and kill the guard. Turn around and go along the corridor, clear both rooms on the right, at the end open the door, lean out and look left for a guard.

At the far end of the passage open the door from the right, lean in and shoot two enemies on the right, a third is in the end bay (+TNT red marker), restock with ammo. Open the large metal doors, lean out and shoot two guards on the left. Open the next set of doors.

Shoot the man leaning in the doorway to the right, shoot a second as he runs from that room. Open the left hand of the large blue doors from the right side, shoot the guard outside then another to his right (They both have Gewehr 43's). Crawl right along the wall to the fuel store, set TNT and go back.

The bunker is now empty so you can run, set TNT by the barrels to the right and the last one by the ammo crates, run back out the way you came, through the hole in the wire and back to the squad.

Meet the resistance fighters to end the mission

Mission 2: Razor Blade (Burgundy 2)[]

Primary Objectives:

  1. "Kill the Gestapo Officer."
  2. "Capture the French collaborator."
  3. "Dont let anybody escape."
  4. "Eliminate all enemies and clear the area."
  5. "The team must assemble next to the captured collaborator."
  6. Optional: "Aquire the list of collaborators."
  7. Optional: "All the members of the unit must survive."

Move the whole squad up the hill aiming for the left corner of the building, snipe the first guard at the top, give the order to fire at will and stop the squad, there are enemies up the track to the north and more to the right.

There are two chances for the enemy to escape, the Gestapo officer in his staff car, and a motorbike, which leaves on the track heading north. The squad should easily deal with the officer, use the sniper to kill the bike (driver first) as it appears in the distance and turns right.

Split into two teams, leave the sniper covering the track and move another to the building corner facing the main doors. Take the other two east to the ruined building, check the rear of the halftrack as you go, and the raised area at the far right of the building for a barely visible sniper, leave them covering the main doors.

After a minute or so reinforcements will arrive in another halftrack on the road from the east, it stops next to the ruins, when they’re all dead and the main gate is clear move the pair covering to the building.

Using the second pair head down the track to the left of the buildings, lean out when the wall ends and check to the right, cross the gap to the wall and turn right at the end, stay in cover. Switch back, open the large doors from one side, lean in and shoot any guards in the courtyard, leave one man covering & turn right through the door, then right again, check inside and go up the wooden steps.

At the top go through the door and turn left, the collaborator is in the small room on the right, open the door at the end and check for enemies inside (one or two). Go back down the steps and turn right, through one door, then another shooting the enemy in the next room (sometimes a second on the left), search the first body for the list to get the 6th optional objective.

Go back to the main gate, leave a man covering and clear the barns to the left, near the end in a room with “Das Materiallager” over the door is an ammo box. Switch back to the other two and carefully clear the ruins, then the barns down the right side. If you haven’t seen a message saying “eliminate all enemies and clear the area” scout all around the outskirts of the buildings.

Re-supply with ammo from the box, and grenades from the dead guards, then move the whole squad to the room with the collaborator to end the mission.

Mission 3: Guardian Angels (Burgundy 3)[]

Primary Objectives:

  1. "Rescue the SAS soldier and locate the others."
  2. "Rescue the SAS Commander."
  3. "Rescue the rest of the SAS unit."
  4. Optional: "Damage the radio station."
  5. Optional: "Aquire the code tables."
  6. Optional: "Rescue all prisoners."
  7. Optional: "All the members of the unit must survive."

There are enemies all over this map, just move slowly with the squad together and let them pick off any targets.

Head north keeping the mined area marked on the map to the right, use the close formation order to keep the squad together. In the distance are some low bunkers linked by a shallow trench with three enemies and another north east. Move slowly forward to the trench.

Go over it to the point marked by a red circle on the map where you’ll find a wounded SAS soldier. Fire the flare to trigger the diversion. The main bunker complex is just to the left under some netting past a smoking halftrack. Stop at the low bunker close by and position the squad around it.

Move one man under the netting with a Delisle, the rest will be engaging enemies as you start shooting, open the left hand door and grenade/shoot the two guards inside. Open the second door, lean out and shoot the guard, go in and open the door to the right, shoot the guard and head to the far end, open the door and roll a grenade into the room.

Back up to the first door and head down the tunnel, the door at the far end is locked, take the next left, lean out and kill the guard, follow the tunnel to the far end. Open the door and shoot the guard in front, look left for another next to the SAS commander (be careful not to hit him).

The first enemy by the table has a key, take it and go back to the locked door, if you have no TNT there’s some inside, only need one.

Get back out and move the squad west to the main building, stop short of it as enemies around it like to throw grenades, make sure you can cover both sides. Move one man to the entrance, lean out so you can see the door and shoot all the guards that come out.

Once they’ve stopped go in and turn right, turn left and run to the next room, shoot the guard on the right as quickly as possible or he’ll kill a prisoner failing the 6th optional objective, a guard will open a door on the right side of the room you just ran through behind you.

Don’t approach the prisoners if you want to complete all the objectives, if you do the mission will end.

Move two men including the one with TNT east to the radio station (see MAP), leave one covering and sneak up to the door, there are two guards inside. The code tables are a small brown book on the table, set the TNT and get out.

Once it’s destroyed approach the two prisoners in the main building and the mission will finish.