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  • As with any tactical game there are multiple paths to reach objectives in HD2 so there is no fixed route to complete many of the missions, the walkthrough is meant only as a rough guide that will hopefully get anyone stuck past some of the tricky parts. What tactics work for me might not for others, but this should get you through the game without too many problems. HD2 is a game where you should try different strategies as much as possible.
  • In some levels the enemy positions are going to vary depending on the time you take and other events, so are only meant as a very rough idea of their locations.
  • If not mentioned otherwise, all walkthroughs are written by Fugue.[1]


Completing the training isn't vital, you can opt to skip it but it will give your selected character a little boost on a few skills.

Start by running the assault course, through the snake, over & back on the raised planks then "climb" the walls to the high wall, go up the first short ladder on the right, turn left to the end and down. Run through the trenches then crawl under the wire.

Head to the firing range and simply the follow the instructions in each room. Exit and go into the grenade range, no need to use the Bazooka just take timed Type 36 grenades and roll them into the two trenches. Get another close to the barrel and it will take out the tank as well.

Move onto the next section, do the explosives first which is on the left up some steps by the vehicles, don't bother waiting for the instructor to waffle on, grab the bags and place one at each of the three obstacles then run back.

Take the jeep and follow the signs to the pool. At the gates jump out and go through to the instructor, ignore the waffle again and take the wire cutters from the crate. Run down the hill to the fence behind the first building, snip the wire then go through to the left corner. Use 3rd person to check for the guard, if you're spotted you'll fail.

If he's nowhere in sight he's patrolling along the other side so run down to the next corner & check again, if it's clear move along the left side of the pool building to the door at the far end, pick the lock and go inside. Open the second door on the right to find the scuba gear. Put it on then turn right into the pool. The dog tags are a little way in; using 1st person makes it easier to pick them up.

Get out, back to the same room and drop the scuba gear (open inventory, drag it to discard), exit the room turn right then pick the door on the left. Open it but don't go out, use third person to check for the guard, if it's clear go out and turn right around the corner, if the guard is there he'll have his back to you.

Get back to the hole in wire fence and to the instructor. Take the jeep back and park it next to the truck. Head back to where you started for the final part. When you reach the tower three men will join you. Use the tactical map to send them next to the barrels at the far end, if the objective doesn't complete get them closer. Now send them to the area in front of the wire and stop.

Don't try and send them through together or they'll do silly things and stand up. Make sure you -

1: Only move one man at a time 2: Set stance to prone before placing the waypoint on the other side 3: Rotate the camera to make sure the waypoint is well past the far end of the wire

then they'll crawl through without any problems.

Campaign 1: Operation Snowball[]

  Mission 1: First Strike (Arctic 1)[]

You have two choices in this mission, go in with guns blazing or start quietly. If you shoot your way to the guide he will get annoyed at you for making too much noise and lead you via the road.

If you can reach him a little more stealthily he’ll lead you across the marsh avoiding some patrols. Tactically there’s not much in it, the stealth approach leads directly to the base perimeter fence, but I prefer the road :)

As soon as the mission starts quickly take your gunner with Silent Sten to the house in front of you, shoot both guards that walk out. There are more enemies in the woods to the North of the house, two by the wrecked plane next to a fire, another to the left in the woods, and one more to the right.

NOTE: If you want to use the silent approach sneak a man with Delisle into the woods and take out the man patrolling in the trees to the right of the wreck, his route makes it possible for him to spot you as you move East below the ridge.

Your guide is marked by a blue cross on the map. Once you’ve met him he’ll take you part way to the base, just follow him till you cross a road & he turns North again, you’ll spot a truck in the distance. There are two enemies visible here, quickly use your sniper to kill them both, the guide will leave, another man will come walking towards the truck with a fuel can, get rid of him & another will appear from the far side of the truck.

*optional objective* Take the man with the sticky bomb to the truck, select it in the inventory and left click somewhere on the truck, run away!

Move along the road towards the base, bring up a man as cover and place him in the trees to the left. Snipe the guard tower (MG42) first; a guard is patrolling the fence on the left another to the right. A forth will probably open the main gates when he hears firing. Bring up the whole squad and place them in the trees facing the base.

Leave a man prone on the road & move your sniper right, into the trees, through the wire you’ll see two guards under a light, snipe them both, if one runs get down and let the backup take him out, one more usually rushes to the gates. You should now be able to reach the main gate without any trouble, get all men to the gate but cover left & right.

Keep a buddy with you, snipe the guard & dog at the far end of the base. Move one man left inside the base towards the fence, at the corner of the first building (pile of bricks) stop, lean and take out a patrolling guard, there’s another on top of a building at the far end. Move the sniper and buddy forward watching the area past the Kubelwagon for more enemies near the piles of bricks.

On the right a little way down is a door with a light over it and icicles hanging down, that’s the underground entrance. There are 3 more to kill outside the fence to the North of the base; you should now get a message saying kill all enemies objective complete. There’s still one more, in the building opposite the Kubelwagon, open the door, lean in and shoot him. Behind the Kubelwagon in the larger building there’s an ammo box in the far right corner. That’s it; gather your team back at the bunker door to end the mission.

Mission 2: Scout (Arctic 2)[]

It is possible to complete all obejectives without always using a silenced weapon, there are just two tricky parts where an alarm might be triggered

Head quickly down the stairs to the first set of doors, turn left through the single door and go all thw way to the bottom. Sneak foward slowly so you can just see the furthest opening to the left of the desk and guard. No need to use a silenced weapon here, just be quick. Lean & shoot the desk guard and scientist, another guard (just visible) will run from the left out of the far passage way, make sure he doesn't reach the alarm on the wall. Wait for two more that will stalk you from either side.

Move quicky left down the passage and shoot the guard working at the far end. Double back past the desk into the next room, shoot the guard to the right in the small room then head towards the wind tunnel on the left, go right and deal with the guard on the stairs ahead. That's the lower level cleared, the rest needs to be done with a Delisle/Silent Sten. Photograph the wind tunnel before going to the upper level.

At the top of the stairs turn left through the door and up the steps, sneak and open the door, lean in and shoot the two scientists (one facing you first). Double back and turn right, move slowly here or the guard in the next room will hear you. Watch his route through the small window, when it's clear go in and kill him. Go around the left to the large room and killthe guard working at the back. Go through the double doors into the large room, on the right is another scientist visible through the gap in the wall.

Open the left hand pair of double doors from one side, lean and shoot the walking guard, wait for the scientist to run out from the left, shoot him quickly so he doesn't have time to get off a shot. Open the other double doors and wait for the guard to walk down then turn around, shoot him as soon as his back is turned. Sneak forward to the open doors on the right of the passage, a guard should be stood at the bottom of a ladder. Sneak forward till you can see the open door at the far end, shoot the guard then watch for a scientist running to the alarm, get him quickly as he runs in.

Go back into the passage and wait, at the far end one of the scientists will walk back to the room he came from, sneak up to he door on the left and kill both of them, then photograph the model on the desk. The entire complex is now safe to move around, take the last photo of the plans on the board in the other room and plant the explosives.

Last objective is to run back to the surface.

Mission 3: Rendezvous (Arctic 3)[]

The mission starts outside the bunker door, move your team so they can’t be seen from the perimeter fence. Take the sniper and lean him around the wall so you face the main gate, take out the guard nearby then wait for another to run in from the trees. Run to the tower and man the MG42 then take out the approaching enemies on the road. If you need to re-supply use the ammo crate that dropped into the base.

Move the team to the gate but keep watching the left side for more enemies, move up the road when it’s clear. To either side in the trees are more crates with health packs and weapons. Turn right at the junction, you’ll see another truck ahead, snipe the guard, look out for one more in the trees behind. There are grenades in the ammo box to restock, get in truck and drive it slightly forward to block the road (for later). Take another right at the truck and go back to the house where you started the first mission. There are two more enemies in the tree line ahead.

To save Sygurd you need to act quickly, ignore him and quickly snipe two enemies due North of the house in the trees and another high up on the mountains behind the cottage, use the tac map to position the others prone facing North. He might take one hit but should survive; he’ll thank you then run off up the mountain. There are more enemies North and West of the cottage so make sure you cover both sides.

When all looks clear go into the cottage and talk to the pilot, you can now order him as one of your team, before you head back pick up some enemy weapons & ammo and give them to the pilot. Move them all back towards the base, keep an eye out for more enemies in the trees on your left. Stop the team when you reach the edge of the swamp and take out three enemies on the ridge in the trees ahead.

Take the sniper + 1 or 2 buddies (leave one man with pilot) & head towards the truck on the road, look due North for an enemy lying prone in the trees, snipe him and watch for another behind and to the left of the truck, run into the dip below and let the driving truck reach the truck you blocked the road with, when it hits lob a grenade (or two) at them and both should explode killing all on board.

When all is clear move the pilot and cover to the truck, take sniper + 2 men up the road to the log pile, watch for a guard behind them. At the pile snipe two prone enemies on the right side of the road in the trees, another on the left. Move up to the main gates, ignore the sound of gunfire.

Run through the base, there are two guards on your left at the far end, one high up, run through the far gates towards the dock then use the tac map to bring up the pilot and remaining men, the dying ally on the steps on the left has a Thompson which you can collect, get the entire team at the end of the dock by the boat to complete the mission.

Note: To get the objective of the crew surviving I presume the two allies on either side of the dock must be alive but I’ve yet to manage it without one dying, I guess you have to complete the mission within a set time limit.

Mission 4: Iceberg (Arctic 4)[]

The mission starts next to the boat on an iceberg, drop the Springfield rifle and collect the Enfield from the crates, re-supply ammo as needed. There are several good sniping points, the mountain in front of you when you start by the boat or a ridge next to the base. Order team to follow and head east. Keep going till you can see enemies ahead, start sniping any you can see, watch your left as two enemies will most likely try and find you.

Stay here and pick off as many enemies as possible. When it all looks clear keep moving East til you are on a raised area overlooking the base but out of sight of the guards, look back the way you came for an enemy high up behind you, beware of the dog! Carry on sniping from here using the ridge as cover, watch out for a heavy gunner that might be hiding inside the open door of the main building.

When the middle of the base is clear move right and snipe the enemies on and around the sub, make sure they don’t reach the flak gun. 3 more enemies will appear North of the base on the hills in the distance. Go into the base and watch for an Officer to walk towards the sub, you must kill him to prevent the sub leaving. There’s also a guard in the raised tower at the East end of the main building, and another visible through a small window in the West end.

Go into the main building, turn right then left, move slowly here as the guards may already be searching for you, there are three in rooms ahead, one at the far end always stays put, the documents you need are in a room on the table on the left of the corridor, back track and shoot the dog at the west end.

Take a man to the building with the mast closest to the sub and use the radio. Get to the sub, quietly climb to the conning tower and go down the ladder, at the bottom you face a door, shoot anyone that comes through it, turn on the spot & lean around the pillar to cover the other door, wait and see if the doors further down the sub are opened, if not there are 7 enemies to kill in total, 4 at one end 3 at the other.

To complete the optional 7th objective you need to kill all enemies on the map, if it's not completed by this point try searching around the NW side of the island for a single guard.

Send a man back to the radio and use it again to end the mission.

Campaign 2: Operation Nomad[]

Mission 1:  Spaghetti Airport (Africa 1)[]

Speed is critical at the start as reinforcements including armour arrive after a few minutes so you need to find cover. I start by turning left towards the main building then hitting it fast, It’s also possible to use the trenches either side of the runway running east to west on the airfield.

Stop the jeep by the first sand dune on the right and use it as cover to snipe as many enemies as possible, take out the MG42 on top of the main building first, watch out for pilots (wearing dark blue) running to their planes, if one takes off it’s not a huge problem, they’re pretty ineffective. Leave one or two men facing east as three enemies inc one with a Panzerfaust will run at you from a trench at the far end of the airfield

Move the whole team to the building as fast as possible sniping as you go (or use jeep & MG) and get onto the roof, if you’ve timed it right you’ll be just ahead of the reinforcements. Place a man on the steps at the back and another prone covering the steps you’ve just run up and watch out for the reinforcements as many will run up the back steps.

The tank “homes” in on your position so once the shooting stops it will be close by. If the tank is to the front (which it usually is) sneak a man down the back and use him to pick off any guards around the rear and side of the building and hangar, when all clear take out the tank.

Dealing with the tank is easy as long as you approach directly behind it; use a bazooka or sticky bomb.

Use the MG42 on the roof to destroy the fuel tanks and any planes within the guns sweep. Get another man into the main building and find the contact, he’ll tell you Schumann has left and a new objective will tell you to look for his flight plans. At the far end is a room with a locked armoury, grab the key from the desk next to the contact to get in.

The documents are in one of three places depending on difficulty setting, in the hangar on the left as you go in (normal), in the tents at the far end of the airfield (hard) or in the large room in the main building (easy), they actually look like a large blue book.

NOTE: There is a bug in this mission that sometimes means you wont find the documents, the only solution is to restart the mission from scratch, using your save point wont work.

On normal difficulty there are enemies in the hangar so be careful when opening the door. To clear the airfield of enemies you need to search ALL the trenches particularly on the eastern side of the airfield and both large tents, when that’s done use the jeep’s gun to destroy the remaining planes on the airfield and TNT from the armoury to take out the two inside the hangar.

You now have an option of continuing with the jeep or taking the truck with flak cannon behind the main building, I take the jeep.

Mission 2: Airshow (Africa 2)[]

If you’re in the jeep you have two options, drive like a maniac past the enemy or try to complete the extra objectives by taking on the troops and armour half way through, the flak truck is too slow to for the first method so you’ll have to fight.

The enemy fighters will leave you alone as long as you’re in the vehicle so are best ignored, if you want to fight the troops in the valley on harder difficulty levels they're best got rid of. They only need to be damaged, not shot down, one method is to get the sniper out of the jeep and into a crater so they'll attack (Order your other men to hold fire (saves ammo). When they come in low with guns blazing aim at the nose cone, a single accurate sniper rifle shot will get them chucking out black smoke and they'll fly away.

Drive till you see a group of wrecked vehicles on the crest of a hill, don’t get too close as there is an MG42, shoot both guards using the wreck as cover.

Now either drive past the troops and vehicles ahead, don’t go in a straight line and keep as high as possible on the right side then head down to build up speed at the other side…..


Stop before the path turns right into the valley, get your sniper out and lie him down on the ridge to your right above the minefield, so you can see the troops below, if you haven't sent them away the aircraft might attack a few times but keep ignoring them. To stop the reinforcements being called you need to take out the enemies closest to the enemy flak on the far side, try to stop anyone manning the weapon on the truck. The enemy tank should still be static.

Take the jeep but stop short of the valley, get the man with the bazooka out and run him to the wrecked tank in front, jump in it and use the main weapon to attack the tank which should now be rolling, three rounds should be enough as long as you aim for the turret, if not get out and hide behind the rear of the tank and finish it off with the bazooka.

Finish picking off the troops in the valley then head up the other side in the jeep, turning left at the top there’s a lone enemy in a crater. Drive till you’re overlooking another valley, If your sniper is sat in one of the rear seats you can position the jeep so he can safely pick off the remaining enemies around the wrecked plane below without getting out, keep going past the craters at the far end till the mission ends.

Note: The optional objectives in this mission don’t always list as completed when the mission ends, and I’ve yet to figure out the armour one

Mission 3a: Guests (Africa 3)[]

Lots of ways to complete this one, as there are several routes in. Enemy reactions can vary quite a bit so this only a very rough guide.

Head North at the start towards the ruins in the distance, keeping them between you and the Oasis. Use the sniper to take out the guard on the Mosque tower, more along the walls to the front and rear of the complex, keep an eye out past the ruins for enemies that will try to find you once the shooting starts.

When it looks clear send two men each to the corners of the wall facing you, take the sniper to the North corner with barbed wire. Sneak him forward through the wire and take out any guards on the back wall, watch for one in the building to the right of the Kubelwagon.

Move a man forward to the corner behind the car and wait for more enemies that will stalk you from the passages between the huts. Get sniper to the left side of the entrance for cover, peek and snipe a guard on the South Wall, another is walking around the dome of the mosque, wait to take out any enemies searching for you. When it’s clear move to the corner nearest the mosque, peek around and snipe the main gate.

Take the other two at the corner and clear any enemies around the ruins, move along the wall then up the break in thw all on the right, the truck you need is below, jump a man down and talk to the driver, ahead of the truck to the right is a guard in a hut. Take the other man and drop him down facing West, wait for an enemy to walk out ahead then check all the huts on the left, from the corner of the mosque looking right take out two enemies guarding the entrance.

The remaining guards are in huts around the perimeter, one to the left of the main gate in the hut under a canvas cover and two more in the North West corner, most will wander into view if you make enough noise outside the huts. Once all are dead get to the mosque where there’s a medic and some medical kits if you need them, use the radio on the left as you go in to end the mission.

Mission 3b: Caravan (Africa 4)[]

Take two men into the mosque, talk to the doctor who’ll now offer to help you then give him some weapons, you use the map to place him to cover the truck or main entrance. Drop your weapons and gather up all the mines by the wall then head for the Southeast corner, the enemy approach from the area behind the ruins. Follow the shadow of the mosque tower as a pointer and mine the area ahead.

Go back to the mosque and get your weapons, arm one of the men with a Bazooka and a few rounds then place him on the West wall. Use the other one to man the MG42 on SE corner and place a sniper to one side of him. Send the signal at the radio then get back in position. From the SE corner a truck will appear, use the MG42 to take it out then move as a Tiger Tank will fire on you if you stay manning the gun, when the Tiger moves left use your sniper to start picking off the troops.

Ignore the tanks, use the man on West wall to take out the Halftrack as It goes past, a single hit will do it and kill all on board, keep an eye out around the wall for any stragglers as they’ll try to run in where the walls are breached next to the MG42.

There are two Tigers, one to the SE by the ruins and another to the North, both are fairly easy to sneak up on and destroy using sticky bombs or bazookas, for the latter just aim for the big “A” painted on the rear of the turret and a single shot should do. Be careful of the tanks front mounted mg and make sure to stay out of sight of the main weapon!

The mission should end when the second tank is destroyed, if not search around for any enemies as all must be dead to finish.

Mission 3b: Caravan (with Sabre Squadron installed)[]

If you have Sabre Squadron installed this mission plays slightly differently so the first walkthrough plan is less effective, you have to be quick to set-up as unlike the original the clock is already ticking.

Take two men into the mosque, talk to the doctor who’ll now offer to help you then give him a weapon and use the map to place him covering the main entrance. Distribute the mines between the two men, & take one bazooka and move him to the main entrance and mine it, then move to the left side by the ladder but stay out of sight.

Leave one man prone by the truck & take the other man with mines and head for the Southeast corner, the enemy approach is from the area behind the ruins, follow the shadow of the mosque tower as a pointer. Mine the area below around the wire and up the breach in the wall (to the right of the MG42).

Send the signal at the radio in the Mosque then get back in position. From the SE corner a truck and tank will appear, be careful when using the MG42 as the tank will fire on you, using a sniper try to take out the truck driver, the troops inside can be picked off from the wall but watch the tanks field of fire.

Ignore the tanks and keep sniping the infantry that appear in the distance, most will run for the breach in the wall, once the mines are gone use grenades to take out the rest as they run in.

By now a halftrack with more infantry will have reached the main gate, the mines and men you left covering should easily deal with them, climb up the ladder and destroy the halftrack with the bazooka.

The mission will end when one of the two tanks is destroyed, make sure there are no infantry around the tank in the Southeast corner and run a man around the back of the Tiger, a single bazooka round aiming for the large white "A" on the back of the turret will take it out.

Mission 4: Whisky Bar (Africa 5)[]

As soon as the level starts shoot both enemies at the back of the bunker with a silenced weapon, if you all start shooting it can alert the whole airfield. Take one man & go out of the doors ignoring any enemies you see, head for the tanks bays on the right under palm trees. Go around the front, shoot the guard at the far end then sprint to the last bay, jump in the Tiger & man the main weapon.

Two Tigers will pull out of the other bays, aim for the turrets and they’re pretty easy to take out. Take the tank back to the bunker where the remainder of the squad is and order them to follow to get them in. You can now drive around the whole airfield killing everyone & destroying planes etc. Go right around the perimeter trenches and several times past all buildings before getting out.

For the extra objectives there are two lots of fuel tanks to destroy, both marked on the map. The reinforcements can be completed by going to the door at the rear of the bottom left hand aircraft hanger, wait by the door and listen to the conversation. When they stop talking go in and kill three enemies then destroy the plane. The final plane is in the middle of the group of three hangers.

Schumann is in the main building at the North end of the airfield, stop just before the entrance and go through the single door on the right and up the steps. Turn left at the top through another door then left onto the balcony. Down the far end through double doors then right and left, watch for a guard on your left in the open area. Schumann is through second door on the right of the passage in a back room, walk up to him to get him to join you.

Take another man through the same first door and go right to the top of the steps to the control tower, go through the door onto the balcony to take out a sniper on the roof, if he’s looking towards the ladder throw up a grenade. Get Schumann to the JU88 at the South end of the runway, to complete the last optional objective you need to destroy the Tiger tank you were using.

Mission 5: Birds of Prey (Africa 6)[]

Not much to say, shoot down the fighters before they do the same to you :)

Campaign 3: Operation Seawolf[]

Mission 1: Steam Piping (Norway)[]

Take both subs to the Tirpitz (follow/stop commands work) and mine the hull, there are two positions one approx a third of the way down and another at the far end by the props, look for the red markers. Move to the minesweeper, stop underneath it and place the last mine. Get one man to the surface on the far side and climb up the ladder closest to the rear of the ship, the guards will spot you using the middle one.

Wait on the ladder for the enemy patrolling to go out of sight, get up and shoot him as he walks past the guns. To move around normally open the inventory and drag the scuba gear to discard. There’s no need to get all on board but at least two is a good idea. To avoid the alarm being raised you must kill the enemy quickly and quietly, if the guards fire too many shots the mission will fail. On some occasions they’ll raise the alarm if they see a body so it’s worth moving them out of sight if possible.

To finish the mission without the extra objectives move one man up the right side of the ship to the door on the left, there are a few guards that could spot you, one on the same level, and another two walking on the levels above. Watch their patrols so they have their backs to you then sneak forward taking them out with the Delisle. Move along the deck, through the door and another door straight ahead, lean around and shoot the walking guard on the left.

In the second door on the left is a sleeping enemy, he’ll give up easily after firing a few shots to wake him up, take his uniform as a disguise if you want to make it easier to complete all the optional objectives. Keep going & turn left to the captains quarters, go through the doors, lean and shoot him quickly, if he spots you he kicks over his desk and shoots. Go to the far end into his bedroom to get the Enigma, the codebook is in a safe in the floor at the far end of his bed.

You can leave the ship or go for the cruise plan. To get the plan take the disguise & go back on deck, turn left and up one level, go through the door on the left, knife kill the guard with his back to you and the officer in the next room, the plans are on the desk next to where he was standing. Grab them then head back to get your uniform, get the scuba gear and back to the subs, two objectives will still be incomplete.

The exit is the small rectangle marked to the left of centre on the map; get both subs to that point to complete the final two objectives.

Campaign 4: Operation Stranger[]

Mission 1: Anthill (Burma 1)[]

The bunkers can make this one hard work so I use stealthy tactics. Most bunkers are easy to deal with either by sneaking up or running to get close then waiting for them to open the door as they come out to investigate.

Snipe three guards on the path ahead when the mission starts, then head down towards the bridge. Stop when you can just about see the bridge ahead on the left. Crawl your sniper forward and take out the gunner in the bunker by the bridge and any enemies that run across from the far end. Move up get a clear view over the bridge and snipe 2 or 3 enemies at the far end, creep forward a little and snipe an mg position just to the right of the far end. Bring up the rest of the squad.

There are two ways across, over the bridge OR move North till you reach a fallen tree. Snipe two enemies (chopping wood) on the far side and the bunker high up to the right (the gunner is facing you). Leave the sniper covering and get the Delisle soldier across the tree, watch out for one/two more enemies ahead as you go. Drop down the other side and head towards the bunker you took out on the right.

There’s another bunker to the West overlooking the camp, sneak up to the door and shoot the guard inside. From the side you can pick off the enemies below, be careful using grenades as they can destroy a mission objective causing the mission to fail. There are 6 enemies in and around the camp. When it’s clear move into the camp to the barrels in the middle, when the first objective is complete set the explosives & go to the hut directly behind you to get the documents.

The Katana sword can be found in the hut on the South West corner of the camp, shoot the radio in the hut at the top left corner. Go back towards the bridge and take out the four bunkers on the way, at the last one over looking the bridge get to one side, lean and shoot the mg gunner opposite. When clear get the rest of the team across, lay explosives as you go and head back towards the camp.

Leave the camp in the North West corner and take out the three bunkers ahead using the same method as before, look for three bodies by the furthest bunker with dog tags to collect for the last objective. Head towards the exit ignoring the bunkers on the South side of the map, there are three more enemies near the exit between the ruins. Get all the men to the path between them to end the mission.

Mission 2: Mountain King (Burma 2)[]

When the cut scene has ended take control of a sniper and get the rest to follow, move to the left of the tank and stay close to it as it & the allies will take out most of the enemies on the way to the top. Keep following till you reach a point on the map marked by a small light area (with 10 written over it) then hang back as the tank is destroyed just ahead.

Move north east to find two men in a shelter below some bunkers. Head up the left side and put a couple of men by the fallen tree, take one man up the hill to the bunkers. Shoot the two in the left hand bunker through the slit then watch for more above you, two to the right, one to the left, the cover you left behind at the tree should take them out. Move the rest of the squad up the hill and get on top of the bunkers.

Above the second bunker is a hatch, open it from the far side and shoot the enemy along the trench, drop down the ladder. Your shooting will attract some enemies from another hatch to the east, which the others should mop up. In the trench turn left and check both bunkers are clear, there’s usually one enemy in the left hand side. Go back then head North, fire a few shots along the trench which will lure out three enemies, one in front and another from each side.

Take a left at the end and shoot the guard on the right in the next room, watch out for another straight ahead the get to the corner, lean right and shoot the guard. Run down the trench & shoot the enemy through the small hole at the end. Back track a little, turn left and up the ladder.

The rest of your squad will be on your right, go east towards the tree and another hatch, get next to the opening and use a weak underarm throw to drop a grenade down, then go in, at the bottom lean left and right to make sure the trench is clear. Go left and shoot the guard at the first corner, keep moving and take the first door on the right, man the type 92 and shoot three enemies that run out of the grass in front.

Exit the door and turn right (small hole now in front) and stop before the left turn, wait for an enemy to run at you then carefully lean and shoot a guard at the far end, a message saying objective complete might appear but ignore it, keep moving and clear the first room on the right and one more further down on left. Back track to the ladder, rejoin the squad and move to the exit marked by a blue cross on the map.

Campaign 5: Operation Challenger[]

Mission 1: Babes in the wood (Alps 1)[]

When the mission starts throw a type 69 grenade into the group of three enemies on the path to the right. Move the squad east and stop on a ridge overlooking some men chopping logs, there are three or fours guards ahead, one on the left and more to the right + 1dog, put a man on the road as cover and snipe them. Go past the civilians (don’t shoot them) and head east along the road.

As you move between the rocks watch for an enemy on your left, and three more ahead just over the rise. Turn right into the stream and follow it east, ignore the halftrack on the road unless you want to complete the extra objective, if you do run up to the left quickly and use the bazooka as it heads up the road away from you, duck back in quickly as there’s an mg nest ahead. Back in the stream turn right up the bank before the narrow gap in the rocks and watch for an enemy in the trees ahead.

He'll give up quite easily and grabbing a uniform makes the last section much easier, give order to hold fire and try sneaking up on him. Move slowly forward and snipe the MG42 nest on the end of an outcrop, move a little way down and snipe the MG42 nest on the main road below. Keep heading east, cross the stream then up bank and turn left onto the road, stop by a large boulder.

Leave the squad facing north into the trees and take the sniper along the road, move a little way along the wall, lean out and snipe the nest on the ridge ahead (2 enemies), another enemy will run around the corner. Two more will run from the trees behind you, which the squad should take out.

Keep moving along the road, under the nest and stop at the next corner, take out three guards walking on the road as they come towards you. Go past the bodies, stop when you hear firing ahead & give the order to hold fire.

Move one man south east along the wall, in a dip below is a walking enemy, shoot him and turn around to face the road, two more enemies will hear the shots and run up, this wont raise the alarm if you shoot them here but don’t shoot any further along the road.

Take the gunner with the silent Sten & drop down the dip, head east. At the far end move up to the back of the house so you can’t be seen from the firing range, use the white box on the house to cut the phone lines then crouch behind the door, when the conversation ends and the driver comes out shoot over his head and he’ll give up, capture him then go inside and shoot the guard on the right through a door, get back out and shoot two more enemies on the road from the direction of the castle.

It’s now safe to shoot so move the squad down and clear the firing range (3 more) behind the house. Switch gear with the driver using your soldier with the highest stealth rating, get the papers and knife. Before getting in the truck find an MP40 with a few magazines, use the truck to end the mission.

War is hell difficulty. On the hardest difficulty level the enemies dont seem to ever surrender making it impossible to complete the mission, the only work around is to use the "profilechanger" created by majordisaster. Links to his downloads are on the Intel page.

Mission 2: Estate Agent (Alps 2)[]

The disguise doesn’t work for long if an enemy is looking at you, the grey bar on the right of the HUD shows how long it’ll last before they shoot so you should always move quickly around enemies and wait for the bar to recharge before moving again.

Use the team member with the highest stealth rating and dont carry allied weapons, grenades or backpack. You can carry an allied knife, medikit and compass. It is possible to kill guards using a knife but you risk failing the mission so is best done as intended.

Note: If you didn't give the uniform/papers to the best stealth character it is possible to swap before the mission.

Click continue to start mission and select the man with highest stealth rating as active soldier, a prompt will appear saying he is not wearing right gear, click OK then "Auto replenishment" and he will be kitted out with uniform and papers, check his gear is ok then hit continue again. (Thanks to sharpe747 for the tip)

As soon as cutscene finishes go through the doors, turn left and sprint across the courtyard, the Officer you need to hand the papers to is in a room under the arches ahead on the right hand side, look for a red sign on the wall. Hand them over (red mark on desk) then go back to where you started and wait, when the guards finish talking to you go back through the doors and take the second single door on the right.

Keep turning left through the doors then go right up some steps, at the top of the second set of steps is a mural on the wall with a hidden door, inside are some gold bars (see Easter Egg). Turn right through the double doors then quickly left through the large room, go right through the next door then straight on, go down some steps through an opening, immediately on the right is the room where you find agent Salter.

Follow her to the archives. The documents are at the back of the room on the left, when you pick them up all hell will break loose, shoot the officer that comes through the door and the guard behind him. Run into the room and shoot another guard on the right, grab his ammo and a key to unlock the door. Wait here for enemies who’ll be trying to find you, when it’s clear grab another MP40 and give it to agent Salter then tell her to follow.

Take the door that was locked from the archives and turn right down three sets of stairs, at the bottom turn left and shoot two enemies to the right in the passage, go back to the bottom of the stairs and open the door leading into the courtyard, there are two enemies behind it so open from one side and lean, tell Agent Salter to stop. Move out so you can see the main gate.

Shoot the guard under the arch at the back and any more that run at you (usually 2), there’s one more on the walkway above the main gate and another to the left by a barrel in the corner. To get the paintings cross the courtyard past the truck and take the door on the left marked “munition lager” go left up all the steps (watch for guards) then turn right at the top through a door, behind the first big painting on the right is a secret room with the stolen paintings.

Go back and get Agent Salter to follow to the exit, which is in the bottom left of the map.

Campaign 6: Operation Overlord[]

Mission 1: Lighthouse (Normandy 1)[]

Make sure you have 6 explosive bags, (there are 7 cannons) It’s easy to get lost in the castle as it’s a real maze, I use the cave nearest the subs at the start, swim up, go up the stairs and open the hatch at the top of the ladder, assemble the squad in the room (Room A) then drop the scuba gear by dragging it to discard in the inventory, you don’t need it again.

Generator: Take the first door on your left as you leave the room, go down the steps and take out two talking guards at the next corner, go past them and turn right, then left & going straight on, watch for a guard. Take another left, past another guard on your left, down a dip and up the other side then turn right, then take the door marked “ausgang” on your right, go up through the door and take the door immediately to your left, turn left, the room with the generator room is 2nd on the right, shoot the guard on your right as you go in, switch is on the wall behind the door.

Backtrack (follow signs to pumpenwerk) and rejoin the squad (Room A) get them to follow & go back to the first door you went through, but turn right up the steps. When you reach the next level stop and shoot a guard on the left above you as he comes through a door, you’re now close to the guns that have to be destroyed. Turn right into the room (Room B) with the double doors, wait for an enemy to open the ones on your left.

Go through the double doors the guard comes through (facing South), go left towards more double doors on your left, into first room with 1 cannon, through to next room with one more, watch for guard. Destroy them and go back to room with squad.

Stop the squad here and have them cover the other doors, take one man, from one side open the double doors at the far end of the room. Lean and shoot two guards by the two cannons, go straight to the next set of doors and o the same, 2 more by the cannon, wait for a third to walk in at the back. Lay a single charge in each room then get out the far side of the second room, that destroys the active cannons.

Turn left and straight through the next room with machinery on your right. Turn left then 2nd right & across to the double doors in the far corner. Shoot the guard inside and destroy the cannon. Got through to the next room, open the doors opposite and shoot the guard, destroy the cannon to complete the second objective. To complete the optional objective get the squad back to room B, take the Sniper up the stairs in the corner right to the top, open the door onto the roof.

Lean out and start sniping taking out the AAA gun in front first, wait in the door and keep sniping any enemies that come looking for you. Get up on the tower above you and snipe the guard on the lighthouse, you get a message saying objective complete before the roof is clear so keep moving around the roof, be careful of the manned guns. When the roof is clear move onto one of towers overlooking the lighthouse and snipe two enemies. Stand by the crane & snipe the central courtyard below.

Go back to Room B and head due South, through a door along a passage to the far end. Keep turning right through all doors and go down into the courtyard. Head North through the metal gates, then through the large wooden doors, kill the guard inside, open the next set of doors leading to the lighthouse. Go through the door at the back of the lighthouse, there’s an enemy right at the top with a grenade, sneaking up takes a long time so run, if he throws it down just keep moving up so it goes off behind you.

Use the switch on the right to turn on the light then get back down and move the squad to the right hand jetty below the lighthouse to end the mission.

Mission 2: Blade Dancer (Normandy 2)[]

Take the team through the doors into the bombed out room, at the door lean out and shoot an guard at the far end next to a wall, duck back in, if no enemies run at you move the squad at into the street two on both sides, move the sniper slowly left and shoot a guard high up in a window in the house to the right on the end of the street. Two more will run out from below him to the left.

Watch the left side at the end of the street for more enemies; throw grenades at the doorway. Move the sniper up the left hand wall, on the other side is a greenish building with a guard on the second level, lean and shoot him when he’s just visible, more guards will come from both sides. Continue along the left wall then turn left down the alley, creep along to the end, lean out and shoot the guard in the window above. Run around and cover the arch ahead.

Take another man along the left wall right to the end of the street, lean through the first open window and check the stairs. If it’s clear lean out past the next arch and shoot a guard across the street in a window, move two riflemen onto the street facing to the left. Run another man along the wall towards the bombed out building, two enemies will run out above which the cover behind should take out. Move the sniper & 1 man forward, take out an enemy on the left then snipe the enemy (just visible) at the top of the church tower in front.

Leave the sniper & cover so the wrecked car on the far left side of the next street is visible and move the others along the left wall. Take two men across the street to the corner under the large “Rita” sign and stop; enemies will jump over the wrecked car, which the other two should shoot. Move a man to the wrecked building on the corner, lean and shoot a guard on the left halfway down the street, and another from the right. Move your sniper + one rifleman to cover the street ahead.

Controlling the sniper send the other two down the street keeping to the right side, an enemy will run out from the right side at the far end. Move forward; throw a grenade up into the large gap next to the white “lefevre” sign. Go into the house on the right and up stairs clearing the rooms slowly, there are two on the first floor, and a sniper on the second, to the right at the top of the stairs, put the sniper in the room through the door at the end of the house over looking the square. If he’s carrying a second weapon drop it and pick up the scoped K98+ ammo.

Look down and to the right, snipe/grenade the guard under the arch below then send a man down the left wall of the street heading towards the square, duck into the “restaurant” arches on the left and shoot/grenade two guards across the street to the left, sprint over to where they were stood and kill the last sniper on the opposite side of the square. Creep up the stairs behind & look up for an MP44 gunner, shoot him then grab his weapon & ammo.

Get the three men into the bank and grab an M1 Bazooka from the ammo boxes then run upstairs and talk to the US soldier, put the rest of the men crouching at windows facing into the square and wait for the tank. Use the sniper to grenade/pick off enemies by the wrecked tank and the front of the bank, when the Tiger stops in the square shoot the rear of the turret with the bazooka. Keep picking off the enemy till the reinforcements show up and the cut scene kicks in.

Haven’t completed optional objective 5 yet, if anyone knows the answer pls mail me :)

Campaign 7: Operation Liberator[]

Mission 1: Billable Entry (Czechia 1)[]

This looks like a good stealth mission but I find it?s pretty tough to do without an enemy uniform, because you only have a limited amount of time a swift assault works just as well even if the map is heaving with enemies. Use tight formation command, as having the squad spread out doesn?t work so well. The tried and tested SAS tactic of moving forward under fire works well in this mission ;)

Start with the sniper, move forward and grenade the two guards in front, snipe another in the distance behind. Just across the road in front is a small hut, pick the lock, open the door and use a silenced weapon to shoot the panel, this cut's the power and shuts off the lights to the station (not around the buildings) making it a little easier if you want to sneak about. Get all to follow move to the right of the tree in front and snipe two more ahead.

Cross the tracks (ignore the signalman) and head to the road on the right side, watch for enemies at the far corner of the fence, kill them and quickly get onto the road. Snipe any guards along the fence & look for a group to come running from the right over the nearest grassy mound, don?t move forward till they?ve stopped coming, keep going following the fence and move up to the slope on the right so you can see any guards on the far side near the trains.

Stop here briefly and wait for any more to run from the left between the fences. Give the order to ?fire on my lead? and move forward to the next grassy mound in front (gap in fences is on your left) keep moving and throw a timed grenade (or two) at the truck parked by the station to take out the group stood around it, then look right towards the buildings as more enemies will run out.

It can get messy at this point, using the tac map send one man so he?s covering the left side of the station building and the doors by the truck in case guards come through, but concentrate on the large group to your right. When the shooting stops give the stop command and take a gunner to the far end of the station, wait for the guard to come down the stairs, shoot him as he jumps out of the window, go through the window and up the stairs.

Take the first door on the right, then door on the left, shoot the guard with his back to you & run to the far door, hit the switch to turn off the lights & open it from the right side so you?re not visible from the room ahead. Carefully lean in and shoot the officer on left side, shuffle left a little and shoot the one on the right, run up to Trebiisky to trigger the cutscene, don?t skip it, is very good :)

Get back out, check the right end of the station building then take the truck back to where the mission started to finish the mission.

Note: Although the signalman is listed as an objective in the mission text file it?s not needed to complete, and doesn?t show in objectives if you do talk to him.

Getting an enemy uniform one enemy is "programmed" to give up in the mission, but clock is ticking from moment mission starts so you have to be quick. Start by grenading the two nearest guards, then the one behind him, knock out the lights as above. Have to be careful in the next part not to bring the reinforcements so hang back, try to keep all the shooting from behind the signal box and make one-shot kills.

The enemy with uniform is in the nearest large building next to station, snipe the guard patrolling the fence to the left of the building, quickly move right and snipe the two guards on the road, another along the fence. Creep forward slowly so you can just see the building and snipe the enemy that's patrolling right next to the building, his route takes him up the steps so wait till he stops at the bottom.

Path is clear so sneak man with highest stealth rating & silent weapon forward hopping over the fences to the building, go through first door on right side, turn off light and shut door, sneak to door, open from side, lean in and shoot the officer sitting down. Open door on left from the side, lean in and the enemy in front will give up, grab his uniform and pistol (officer you shot has more ammo) then get to Trebbisky asap, there wont be much time left!

When you enter the room with Trebbisky one of his guards (in white shirt) will walk out, to trigger the cutscene he must be killed so if nothing is happening once others are dead you'll need to find him nearby, once he's dead go back to complete the objective.

Mission 1: Billable Entry - (Stealth-Mode by Glyn Hughes)[]

Soldier & equipment: I do it alone with one guy "William Broudhurst" or another chap with suitably high stealth rating. It is important to be able to sprint for a single phase of the mission so stay light. I do it with, 1x silenced sten, 1x compass, 1x small first aid, 64 rounds for sten.

Firstly we are going to do as little as possible to complete the mission. This means we don't kill the station's lights at the fuse box, we don't kill the buildings lights at its fuse box, we don't take the uniform from the German in the bedroom and we don't kill a single German until we are upstairs in the station.

Below is a MAP of my route with numbered points. Green is going in, blue is coming out. Enjoy.

1. Crouching position, get on the other side of the double fences by doubling back.

2. While still crouching, move around the verge of the road staying in the cover of long grass, go to stage 3.

3. Get on your belly and at creep or walk speed, move across the road. (Visibility should be only 14m at max and the two guards having a smoke should not see you. Once into the grass return to crouch and move to position 4, get back on your belly so you can get right up close to the edge of the grass. (You want to wait for the truck to leave so that area is clear).

4. Stage 5 is the hardest to do as it requires pretty much perfect timing. See Screenshot. for this one.

Ok see on the Screenshot., the passing guard has his beat, periodically, he will move out to read the adverts on the post at position a. When he turns to return you need to be standing up and creeping towards 5b. You should be able to hug the little alcove there before he turns around again at position c. Do not go faster than creep or he will hear you.

Stay there, he will pace back to position b, but if you're hugging the wall he wont see you. Once he turns to go back to c you climb that drain pipe to 5c, same as ladder. When you get to the top quickly slow down to creep again as climbing uses walk speed. You can either hold there for a second until he clears position b again or if you are quick you can get into bathroom.

While staying stood up and while never moving faster than creep. Enter the bathroom and turn off the light. Open the door and nail the guard on the landing with sten. Go onto landing, turn off light and open first door on your left, nail the guard. If your quiet enough he should be starring into the glass book cabinet so an easy kill.

Move to the right of the door where Trebissky is next to the desk lamp. Open the door learn over to left and nail the SS guy and interrogator. If you fast you can do this in one go before one of them fires and gives you away. ZAP ZAP ;)

See Trebissky and then still creeping make your way to the top of the stairs.

NOTE : Here you can actually climb back down the drain pipe and head for stage 4 but it very difficult to do it yourself without programming it in the tactical map but then you don't control the timing cos for some reason he wonders about the bathroom for a bit before he climbs out and climbs down. A far easier way is to exit by the open window at the bottom of the stairs.

The trick here for stage 6 is to get down the stairs and hug the wall between the first two windows when the guards walking away you can climb out and creep for the grass verge opposite at 7. You should have just enough time to get into it before he turns around. Note you can not walk or run he will hear you. Its then relatively simple to get back to start point via stage 3, same procedure.

NOTE: Its very difficult to climb out that window and get across to grass, I did it in the end by climbing on to the window frame so I would be a little quicker once I went for it. If you cant do it, then jump out of the window and nail the guy who is passing outside, then head for the cover at stage 4 super quick and then onto stage 3 smartly !!. Killing that guy will bring guards from all over the place but every time I've done it I've always had time to get into the cover of stage 4. You can then head home without having to kill another guard.

Give it a try it does work in both super stealth and not so stealthy conclusion versions. I figure since it's the only pipe you can climb, that I'm not far from Illusion Softworks stealthy original idea for the map.

Mission 2: Mole in the hole (Czechia 2)[]

Order all to hold fire, use a Delisle & look down at the tracks at the start, take out the enemy in front and another walking to the left. Go a little way along the right side and look into the tunnel; on the nearest open carriage is a guard, snipe him when he turns his back. Drop down onto the tracks by the crates, keep to the left and sneak up to the corner, throw a timed grenade against the side of the carriage in front so it bounces back towards the wall, if there are any enemies left lean out & kill them.

The MP44 optional objective is in a closed box under the far end of the carriage you dropped down onto from the cliff (plus an ammo crate), but dont grab it first or you'll be spotted from the tunnel. There are two more in the level but this one has to be found to complete. Behind the MG42 is a crate with second MP44.

Get the sniper down and climb onto the carriage in front of the tunnel entrance, snipe an enemy on the roof of the third carriage (has third MP44), open the door of the first carriage from on side, lean and shoot the enemy inside. Climb up the ladder onto the roof of the first carriage, crawl along then throw a grenade down to the right, lean out and make sure all three enemies below are dead.

Open the door of the second carriage and shoot the guard inside, at the end open the door, lean left and shoot a guard to the left of the next carriage, wait for another to run out at the far end. There’s an ammo box on the right so grab some ammo for the MP44. Go into the third carriage, sneak along and shoot the guard on the left, grab the documents from the body behind him. Exit the third carriage, on the left is a box of grenades. Move onto fourth carriage and clear the seats on the right (one or two guards).

Move a man along the roof of the third carriage, at the end lean out and shoot two guards on the right. Get onto the roof of the fourth carriage, lean and shoot the guard below (sometimes behind) and two just visible by the middle doors of the three open wagons, three more enemies will run out from the far end, if one ducks into the arch on the right throw a grenade.

Drop down and move to the end of the fifth carriage, shoot a guard between the two carriages on the left (hard to see). Go past the open wagons, jump up and go across the last on the left side, drop down and go prone. Get two men up as cover then move a little way ahead, the doors of the second wagon will open with two guards inside, shoot them then watch for more enemies crawling on the other side of the train.

There are more enemies at the rear of the train, Freiberg is in the third carriage from the end, if the side doors aren’t open do it from one side, lean in and check for enemies, don’t shoot the officer on the left with his hands up! He’s the objective. Restock at the ammo and grenade boxes before climbing up into the wagon to end the mission.

Mission 3: Business (Czechia 3)[]

Start by quickly running a sniper down through the grass to the road on the right, leave him prone so he has a clear view of the road. Crawl another man towards the nearest building and grenade the two guards (one sitting) in the yard ahead, let the sniper take out the two walking guards on the road & any more that come running. Move another rifleman down to the barns watching for enemies on the right side, have the others cover the approaches.

There are ammo crates ahead in the open barn to re-supply if needed. When no more guards run up the road move the sniper to the right hand end of the barn overlooking the villa. Lean out and shoot the guard on the balcony, two visible in windows and another by the truck. Watch down the far end of the buildings in case more run out (two or three) snipe one more just visible through the fence right at the back by the far corner of the villa wall.

Move down the road and stop at the nearest corner of the wall, lean out and shoot a guard ahead & to the left by the open doors of the nearest building, and another at the right hand end. Put two men at the corner as cover and run a gunner along the wall to the gap in the fence, wait for an enemy to jump down then watch for SS officers above. Jump up the gap& run to the corner, lean out and shoot a guard at the far end.

Head to the far corner of the house, lean out and shoot any guards visible from the corner. Leave a soldier covering the corner, open the door, lean in and shoot a guard to the left by the stairs. Go up the stairs backwards and shoot the guard above. Go back down, through the double doors & shoot the officer through the hatch on the right.

Go back to the front of the house, snipe a guard in the entrance to the open barn and another at the back walking along the riverbank. Go under the barrier into the yard, snipe the guard in the corner of the barn next to the Puma tank. If the secure the area message hasn’t appeared continue North along the road past the villa and look for two enemies just past the fenced area.

When it’s all clear go back to Freiberg (marked by blue X on the map) restock grenades and ammo at the barn then get him and the squad to follow to the villa to end the mission.

Mission 4a: Annual fair (Czechia 4)[]

I find the easiest way to do this mission is go clockwise around the map, but that can mean you wont be able to complete all the objectives, to get the optional it’s best to go counter clockwise.

Move the man with the Delisle to the left corner of the building, wait for a guard to walk around the far corner, when he turns to go back pop out and shoot him. Run along the wall to the far end, just before the corner lean out and shoot another on the far side. Back with the team creep a man trough the gap in the wall, throw a grenade to kill the two guards by the doors ahead & to the right. Jump that man over the wall to cover the doors where they were standing.

Move the sniper to where barrier is and snipe down the road, one on the left at next junction and two more ahead. Move down the left side to the junction and look left, four enemies will run out, snipe them and then keep moving east along the road. Snipe the guards in front of the archway in the distance then hold position in case more run out of the buildings, move the rest of the squad down the road. Before crossing the next junction snipe the MG42 in the bottom of the church.

Go through the arch on the right, keep to the left and take out two walking guards under the next arch, from the corner lean and shoot another in door at the back. Go up the stairs on the right, through the first door shooting a a guard inside, left through another door then right, this room contains the stolen valuables. Go back out and move the team down the road, stop before the corner. Two enemies will run out and stop to the left, lean out and use the Delisle.

Move the sniper onto the road and take out any ahead (4 or 5) watch out for a heavy gunner on the left. Move a man along the road to the track on the left and leave him covering up the track, using the sniper & others move up the road, from the next junction four enemies will run out, the gunfire will bring more down to the man you left behind covering.

Move the whole squad along to the area marked “pond” on the map, a guard is patrolling near the back, head up to the buildings on the right. Snipe the walking guard and throw timed grenades at the entrance to the buildings, 5-6 enemies will run out when the first shot is fired. When clear move along the fence and shoot the piano player through the window.

Move down the right side of the buildings, through double doors on the left, at the opening lean out and shoot an enemy just visible in the window to the left of the door, throw a grenade at the orange barrels ahead to complete the optional objective. Look up and to the right, if they’re closed shoot through the wooden doors in the loft to kill an enemy behind them, then go inside the armoury, grab the two AT mines, there’s a shotgun on the left if you want it.

Carry on up the road, shoot the guard at the far end and turn left, then left at the next junction heading to the church. There are four enemies ahead on the left. Go around to the right and up the church tower, there’s one guard on the steps and a sniper right at the top on a wooden platform. If the mission doesn’t end here go back to the buildings where you found the valuables and look for a straggler.

Mission 4b: Gin send off (Czechia 5)[]

Using the sniper + one more as cover move East along the road towards the trucks, order “Fire on my lead” and get within grenade range of the lead truck, throw a couple of timed grenades at the lead truck to take out the group stood around it then snipe any more that run up the road. Move down to the trucks and collect mines from the crate, having at least three is a good idea.

Check the area between the fence & house for enemies then move down the right side of the building to the furthest lit window and shoot the guard inside. Take the man with the mines (not the sniper) and one more and head to the South west corner of the map (where you started previous mission). Don’t get too far down the road towards the south East corner or you’ll trigger the reinforcement attack before you are ready. Just past the next junction is about right.

Lay the three mines about 2 ft apart in a diagonal line across one side of the road, spreading them out means the tank is more likely to roll past them, this method means the tank will always hit one, move both men back up the road to cover the escape point but make sure they wont be seen by the tank as it approaches. Move the Sniper team past the trucks to the area marked “pond” on the map, take out two guards in the grassy area on the right then continue along the road.

The trigger for the enemy is just past the next junction, when ready control the sniper and the cutscene will kick in, keep moving along the road unitl you can just make out the truck agead. Go prone and start sniping the enemies in the distance, if you don’t want to spend a lot of time searching make sure you get as many as possible before they get too far along the road.

If you're quick enough the second team wont have to fire a shot, if the mission doesn't end move them down the road towards the tank looking for any stragglers.

Mission 5: Final Show-Down (Czechia 6)[]

Give the order to hold fire then take out the walking guard by the radio station below, you need to do this from the start point with one shot to avoid alerting the others. Take one man down to the radio station but don’t shoot, keep low and go around the left side of the mound towards the Panther tank, when you’re below it run up the bank and jump in. If you alert the others the crew will occupy the tank first so you need to be quick.

Use the tank mg to kill the guards around the station then bring the rest of the squad down, make sure there are no enemies left in the dip to the East. On the rear left (by the open door) of the radio truck is a switch, use the action button to disable it to prevent the broadcast. Get everyone in the tank and follow the road West. Take out the Flak ahead on the right side first then use the mg on any visible troops, keep moving towards the tents.

Clear the area around the tents on the left then take out two Flak cannons in front of the bunker, don’t try to cross the gap in the barbed wire as it is mined. Leave the tank (it blows up later anyway) and head up to the bunker, before you cross the bridge over the concrete ditch lie down and slowly crawl forward to take out the fixed mg in the small window to the right of the door. Keep to the left as you cross and stay under the wall below the other mg.

Lean out by the small door and take out any guards, usually a couple of soldiers and an officer, go in and watch for another to come out of a barred door on the right. Bring up the rest of the squad. Go through the metal door on the left leading to a room with two more doors ahead, open one, lean out and take out two guards in the tunnel. Move along the tunnel, when it narrows watch for a guard to appear on the right as it opens out and another who pops up at the far end.

At the end open the right hand door, lean and roll in a grenade to take out two guards, wait for two more to appear ahead and to the left. Go into the room, turn left and open the door ahead, lean and shoot a guard at the far end. Keep going, look right at the end for an officer, shoot him then run to the body, turn around and shoot any guards that come of the room at the back, search the officer to get the documents.

This triggers a cut scene and you are “warped” back to the bunker entrance, man the two fixed mgs and take out as many of the Russian troops as possible. When it looks clear carefully move a sniper to the door (the Russian tank doesn’t fire at you), keep an eye out for enemies behind the wire on the right as you go out. When it’s all clear grab a Panzerfaust from the room and go towards the tank.

It seems quite tough, get slightly behind it and just aim for one of the tube shaped fuel tanks on the rear and it’ll only take one hit to destroy it, that’s it, game over!