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In the items.dat file you can edit the equipment of human AI and the ammunition of vehicles and stationary weapons like the anti-aircraft cannon(FLAK) or Panzerabwehrkanone(PAK). Additionally you can place any item (e.g documents) anywhere on the map by using map coordinates and rotation.


The items.dat file begins with 1000 0000, followed by the items assigned to objects and the items placed directly on the map.

0100 0000
object item 1
object item 2
object item N
Item on map 1
Item on map 2
Item on map N

Note: The order of the items is not important. However it's a neat arrangement if the "items directly placed on map" are listed at the end of Items.dat.

Item assigned to an object[]

32-Bit INT Bytecount of following String (including String end marker)
STRING object (must be existent in actors.bin or scene2.bin)
00 String end marker
16-Bit INT unknown, for items given to the same object always the same
32-Bit INT Inventory Type
32-Bit INT Item ID acc. items
32-Bit INT Item Order (items are numbered consecutively from 0 to N)
3x32-Bit INT always 0

Item ID: The second byte of the 32-Bit INT represents the Item List.

Code Item List
0 Hidden & Dangerous 2 Items
1 Sabre Squadron Items

e.g 0400 0000 is the code for the K98 whereas 0401 0000 is the code for the P08 with silencer.

Inventory Type: For vehicles inventroy type is always 0, for human AI six inventory types are defined as followed:

Inventroy Type Position
00 Head
01 Pouches
02 Shoulder
03 Hands
04 Uniform
05 Back
06 Backpack

In the table below you find common used ammunition for vehicles or stationary weapons. For more item codes check out items.

Vehicle / Stationary weapon Item Code
Opel Blitz / 1x20mm Flak 38 D100 0000
Flak 4x20mm D200 0000
Panzer III Cannon D600 0000
Panzer III Mg D300 0000
Tiger Cannon D500 0000
Tiger Mg D300 0000
SAS Jeep (Browning M1919) CA00 0000

Example 1[]

Soldier5 is given a blue mechanic uniform (9700 0000), a blue mechanic cap (5800 0000), a K98 rifle (0400 0000) on his shoulder, 3x Ammo for the K98 rifle (AE00 0000) and a small medic kit (3600 0000) into pouches.

Example Soldier

Example 2[]

The german Tiger tank Tiger01 is given 3 rounds for the tank cannon (D500 0000) and 3 rounds for the Machine Gun. (D300 0000)

Example Vehicle

Item directly placed on map[]

9 bytes 0 Unknown
32-Bit INT Item ID (mind Itemlist ID as described above)
32-Bit INT Item Order
32-Bit INT Unknown always 1
3x32-Bit INT Positon (x, y, z)
32-Bit FLOAT Unknown
4x32-Bit INT Rotation (quaternions)
2x32-Bit INT Unknown always 0


On the example below we are placing a big medic kit (3500 0000) on map position (-10/1.75/-25)

Item example - Item code

Item example - Position