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This is a list of programs and files required to modify H&D2 or Sabre Squadron.

  • image editing software like PixBuilder, GIMP, Photoshop (not free), ... - Theses programs help creating or editing textures
  • DC||ED2 (included in Edit_Tools.zip) - program for editing .bin files. Can help with the creation of maps, mission
  • Hex Editor - To work with game-specific files like e.g. actors.bin. You can use any but recommend is TinyHexer as it's simple and clear
  • HD2 Scripter - program for working with scripts, linking scripts, equiping soldiers
  • HD2 Extractor - program to export the contents of HD2 game archives (.dta)
  • Autodesk 3ds Max (not free) - import/export 4ds models and more, getting ingame coordinates with ease, necessary for creating or editing checkpoints (check2.bin)
  • RevEngEd2 by Ikaros & Mikiller - project based editor - Reads actors.bin, scene2.bin, map.4ds (only if one bitmap is load), sounds.bin

This list will be updated.


EditTools by Zdenda (contains DC||ED2 Editor)

PixBuilder | GIMP

HD2 Scripter by GS-Hawk

DTA Unpacker 2012 by hdmaster


Tiny Hexer

3ds Max (30 days free trial)


RevEngEd2 objects and definitions library