Hidden & Dangerous 2 Wikia

To type in any cheat code you need to open your in-game console first, to do so press ~ while you are playing any singleplayer mission. Now you can type one of the codes below and confirm with Enter. If you want to close the console, press ~ again or Esc.



heal 1

Heals all living team members.

Infinite ammo[]

hapyammo { 1 | 0 }

When you reloads, the next clip isn't taken from your equipment and it is possible to reload even when you don't have magazines. Turns on and off.

Better shooting accuracy[]

снайпер { 1 | 0 }

Raises your team's shooting skills to 100% and disables weapon recoil. Turns on and off.

Instant killing[]

hydroshock { 1 | 0 }

If only you hit target, your shot kills instantly. Turns on and off.

Getting extra equipment[]

giveitem <itemCode>

Gives you item specified by the <itemCode>. If it is gun, you will get also six mags. If you ask for grenades, you will get six.

Known item codes[]

backpackgb1 British backpack - small desert
backpackgb2 British backpack - large green
backpackgb3 British backpack - large desert
backpackrus Russian backpack
backpackger German backpack
knifesas Fairbairn-Sykes Dagger
knifeger German Figting Knife
grenade36 Type 36 MK1 grenade
grenade69 Type 69 MK1 grenade
grenadejap Type 97 grenade
grenadeger Stielhangranate 39
colt Colt 1911
enfield Enfield .38
taisho Taisho 14
tokarev Tokarev TT-33
parabellum Luger Parabellum P08
springfield Springfield
springfieldopt Springfield with scope
lee Lee-Enfield MK 4
leeopt Lee-Enfield MK 4 with scope
arisaka Arisaka Meiji 38
arisakaopt Arisaka Meiji 38 with scope
k98 Karabiner 98K
k98opt Karabiner 98K with scope
mosin Mosin-Nagant M1891/30
garand M1 Garand
delisle De Lisle Commando Carbine
Submachine guns
spagin PPSh-41G Spagin
pps PPS-1943 Submachine gun
stengun Sten Gun Mk. 2
stengunsil Sten Gun Mk. 2 with silencer
mp40 MP-40 Submachine gun
thompson M1 Thompson (Tommy Gun)
Machine guns
bar BAR M1918
mp44 MP 44 Assault Rifle
brengun Bren Gun
degtyarev Degtyarev DP 1928
zb26 ZB26 Light Machine Gun
bazooka M1 Bazooka
panzerfaust Panzerfaust 60